Globalization of the Food System – Essay Example

The paper "Globalization of the Food System" is a wonderful example of an essay on agriculture.
Globalization of the food system is the best way to go for the way to go for, as no country is self-efficient. Because of the globalization of the food system, countries will produce in large quantities and high qualities for trade with other countries (FAO 4). Hence, more effort will be put in production and as a result, they will be able to be food efficient due to increased trade activities between states. Weather patterns have had a great impact on agricultural production, and despite the advancement in the agricultural field, the weather is still a major factor affecting food productivity (Senauer and Venturini 25). This is because developing countries still rely heavily on rain-fed farming. Therefore, the globalization of the food system will reduce the effect of rainfall since countries will not only depend on food production but will be able to put more efforts on what they produce best at a low production cost.
Internationalization of food is advanced by a conceptual framework as the market forces are controlled by demand, supply, and even internal and external forces in the market (Senauer and Venturini 28). These factors affect different countries differently; therefore, the results of globalization tend to vary. Forces on both supply and demand have determined the changes in world agricultural trade. Other factors affected by demand and supply include the varying trade flows in processed agricultural foods which appear due to demand-side factors. An example of these is the increasing taste of final consumers for food, consumers with low elasticity levels for unprocessed agricultural products and high levels for attributes tied to qualities and services in which developing countries are poor (FAO 36). Therefore, to overcome the insufficiency in the food supply, factors like international migration, the communications revolution, and international tourism should be encouraged in developing nations to increase food productivity.