Creativity and Innovation in Business – Essay Example

The paper "Creativity and Innovation in Business" is a marvelous example of a marketing essay.
It has always been routine to come by people in romantic relationships enjoy specific days especially Valentine day. During this time, I realized many people take a walk with a loved partner to the beaches spending a lot of time playing on the sand and admiring the coastal creatures like oyster shells among others. I had just begun thinking about a business venture that would survive the changing economic times and an idea struck me on this romantic focused opportunity. I was convinced that in matters of love people can sacrifice anything to satisfy the needs of the partners. The greatest part of this idea was to collect various Shells of creatures along the coastline, bead them on a thin string, and align them in different shapes to the love cards I prepared with our computer at home. The multi-colored cards embedded with the shells and different love messages proved viable venture as sales began at a good pace, and I was surprised at the overwhelming demand of such customized love cards.
I began to set up a shop along the beach and started employing agents to colleges and universities where such customized love cards are in high demand with small seasonal variation in sales. My marketing strategy is primarily based on quality which woes other prospective clients online and through phone contact. From this experience, I have realized that business opportunity is simply doing something a different way hence creativity and innovativeness and every potential if unleashed can change the world.