Culture of Wales – Essay Example

The paper "Culture of Wales" is an outstanding example of an essay on geography. The United Kingdom consists of several countries; Wales is one of the most important countries that make up the United Kingdom. Cardiff is the capital of Wales and it is also the largest city of Wales. This paper will shed light upon the culture of Wales; it will also focus on the culture, music and the languages spoken in Wales. Welsh is the official language of Wales and almost all the people in the country speak the native language. English is also very widely spoken in Wales; there are quite a few people in the country who speak good English. The Great British Pound is the currency of Wales, the current rate of the GBP is quite low when compared to its earlier rate. The flag of Wales is quite an intriguing one; it has two equal horizontal stripes, it has also got a huge dragon on its flag which gives the flag a very chic look. “The character of Wales is thankfully still unique. Welsh culture and tradition are celebrated at a festival called the Eisteddfod. We are indebted to the Wales Tourist Board for the background to this important element of Welsh life.” Wales is often referred to as the land of song; it is very popular when it comes to music. The country comes to life whenever there is any sporting event, many types of musical instruments are played and people enjoy a lot. Male voice choirs play a predominant role in Welsh music. It has also got a worldwide reputation; it is enjoyed by several countries. Wales is one of the most important countries in the UK and it has got a very rich culture, the music is also one of its kind in the country.