Value and Identity – Essay Example

This paper 'Value and Identity" is a good example of an essay on psychology. In my daily undertakings as a student, I come across many circumstances which test my character. The personal values guide and shape my priorities and reactions to the situations encountered. I use the values as markers to tell if my life is heading in the right direction. Among my greatest values is appreciation. This value resonates with me as it is the most important since I always pass along many people in my life. Appreciation involves taking a moment to acknowledge something or just say “thank you.” It involves being polite and observing the proper diction when complementing or appreciating someone.
Appreciation as a value is of much importance to me. First, any time I appreciate someone, I feel encouraged that I have people I can lean on in case of a need. I always feel my soul rejuvenating with more appreciation since I know how appreciating somebody creates a strong bond. Moreover, appreciation is relevant not only to me but also to the beneficiary. The person feels encouraged that he did the right thing to the other. This even increases the effectiveness of the person because he is looking forward to being encouraged and appreciated even in the future. In addition, genuine appreciation lifts me up. It makes me feel safe thus able to remain productive in my daily doings. Any time I appreciate or I am appreciated by a person, I am always energized and the worries preoccupying me are always diverted and drained to productivity.
The value of appreciation enhances my relationship building process and my overall impression. Any time I show an interest in others by noticing the good things they have done, they are always drawn to me like a magnet. This enlarges my circle of friends and the people I can closely relate to. Similarly, appreciating others have won me respect and influence as a great leader. It should be noted that in today's world people have choices and their preference is to work with people they trust and like simply because they show an interest in them.
Considering most situations and instances I have found myself in, I can easily define the importance of appreciation as the best personal value. As a student, I am used to my guardians paying my school fees and keeping me comfortable in school. When I realized the efforts and struggles my guardians had to undergo to keep me in school, I sincerely appreciated them by mere words which genuinely presented how I acknowledged their presence in my life. I told them how thankful I was for their unwavering support in my education. From that day, my guardians have been telling me how they feel valuable and ready to support more youths in their education since people always appreciate their actions.
Everybody deserves appreciation as this assists in boosting the morale to do more. In one instance, my younger brother used to perform averagely in languages. Any time I would appreciate his efforts and the grade with encouragement that he would do better. He always promised me to keep my words and work harder towards improvement. Amazingly, he was able to score good marks and all he reminded me was that my encouragement kept him soaring to greater heights. Generally, appreciation recognizes the contributions and accomplishments as well as makes one feel important no matter the situation.
From the above circumstances, I learned that if someone takes time to express his heartfelt appreciation for something done, it increases the spirit, purpose and passion of the other person. Importantly, it builds the self-esteem, self-confidence, and the whole self-image of the person. Personally, appreciation has always given me the energy and motivation to work harder, explore and do more.