Usability and Web Accessibility – Essay Example

The paper "Usability and Web Accessibility" is a great example of an essay on design and technology. There are numerous assistive devices and technologies that are essential to investigate. These include wheelchairs, visual and hearing aids, prostheses, and mobility aides among others. Therefore, in terms of enhancing technology, it is imperative the above improve communication capacities, vision, and hearing (Harper & Yesilada, 2008). Consequently, the assistive devices are effective because they increase independence and capacity to play diverse roles and responsibilities.  On that note, I would add a few of the aforementioned technologies to make my website more accessibility. First, I would incorporate links to hearing and visual aids for those challenged. It means my target would widen to those with impairments (Rutter et al, 2006). Second, I would add interactive graphics that appeal to those who are short-sighted to boost functions with the website. In brief, my web accessibility is dependent on the abilities of the customers.  Interestingly, WAI-ARIA has had an impact on increasing accessibility for websites in diverse ways. First, it offers user interface components that are interactive because they are developed using JavaScript and HTML. Second, the integration of dynamic and particular content is critical because it ensures there are interface controls for most users (Harper & Yesilada, 2008). In other words, WAI-ARIA has provisions for constantly updating websites in accordance with emerging changes.  Ensuring that more persons with disabilities access my website is a top priority. Therefore, there are several changes I would like to make. For instance, I would increase assistive devices in places of accessing the website such as platforms for wheelchairs (Rutter et al, 2006). I would also provide prostheses and visual aid devices to assist such persons with disabilities.