The Impact of the First World War – Essay Example

The paper "The Impact of the First World War" is a wonderful example of a history essay.
The US has been one of the most powerful nations for quite a few years now and its dominance goes to show more things than one. A booming economy which has been hit off late because of recession, advanced technology, superior aircraft; superior weapons are some of the many factors that make the US a force to reckon with. This paper will focus on how exactly the US became a super power during 1890-1920. A comprehensive analysis of all the necessary details will be provided in this paper.
The US was a subdued and a regional power prior to 1890 but all that was about to change when the country changed its policy and adopted a more dominating policy to prove their supremacy over the other dominating countries. The country became a dominant world power during 1890-1920. They did so by interfering in the Caribbean and Central America, their victory in the Spanish-American war signalled an era of dominance for the US. This was subsequently followed by their dominance in Cuba and eventually, the dominance became the acquisition of Cuba. In addition to this, the US also established a stronghold on countries like Guam, Puerto Rico and the other neighbouring countries. The First World War took place in the year 1914 and the US benefitted from the same and emerged as a superpower once the war was over. “Throughout the nineteenth and early twentieth century, the traditional US attitude towards foreign countries was isolationist.  This meant they thought the USA was better off having nothing to do with any other countries, including joining any alliances with other nations.  The policy had first been stated by President Monroe in 1823 and was known as the Monroe Doctrine.  In the past, when sea transport was slow and the USA was a little nation of farmers, this did not matter.  By the beginning of the twentieth century, the USA was becoming an economic world power.” (The Impact of the First World War, 28 March 2009). All the above factors contributed toward the rise of the US in more fields than one.