Unit: Visual Culture Industry – Essay Example

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1.0 IntroductionBased on a number of international organizations such as the General agreement on tariffs and trade and UNESCO cultural industries also termed as the creative industries combines the production, creation as well as the distribution of goods and services that have a cultural aspect and they are also protected by a number of intellectual property rights (Bal, 2003) and they have the potential to be commercialized. The creative industries includes sectors such as film, television and radio, music and performing arts, advertising and marketing, architecture, design and visual arts, writing, publishing and print media as well as software development and interactive content (Australian Council for the Arts, 2012).

So as to grow the creative industries in Australia, the government of Australia invests substantially in three major themes so as to leverage the national foundations, growing of creative contents and services as well as optimizing the commercial capacity. This essay sets out to: Discuss the role of government support to three visual cultural industry entities in Australia and they include the music and performing arts, Film, television and Radio and architecture, design and visual arts how the forms of funding shape and impact on the function and function and livelihood of these specific visual cultural entities What are other ways in which these visual culture entities seek to support cultural and economic revenue?

AndOffering a critical analysis of these findings. 2.0 Role of government support to three visual cultural industry entities here in Australia2.1 Music and performing artsA great number of Australians enjoys listening to music and watching the various forms of performing art s by their local artists, Australians musicians have achieved success even internationally therefore making music a major cultural expert for the country.

The Government of Australia tends to play an essential role in supporting the development and enhancement of the Australian music and performing arts industry through a great number of initiatives that have been implemented over time. A good example of such an initiative is the sounds Australia which plays an essential role in ensuring and developing the national as well as the international contemporary music industry in Australia. There is also another government initiative termed as the national live music office which aims at increasing the opportunities for the presentations of music and mostly live music and they achieve these through policy reforms and by identifying the directions to offer support to sector development and support audience.

All this is done with the aim of benefiting the live music industry in Australia. The Australian government also has another initiative termed as the musos in residence. Through the use of this program the mid career artists are engaged with producers professionally and the producers therefore have an opportunity to act as mentors and work in the schools together with the upcoming songwriters.

This offers an intensive and real world experience on skills related to studio production, song writing as well as post production (Department of Communications and the Arts, 2016a). In relation to the performing arts sectors, the Australian government also offers funding as well as support to the sector. A great number of the performing arts training institutions that are available fosters and contributes greatly to the thriving creative economy in Australia. The government of Australia offers a wide range of funding and support to these kinds of centers.

Though not directly, the Australian government through the Australian council supports and offers oversight to the companies in the sectors. There are also grants that the government provides to the industry and mostly to those people who focuses more on dance, theatre, music in addition to regional touring (Department of Communications and the Arts, 2016b). Through the grants, the arts of the Torres Strait Islanders and the Aboriginal people are able to reflect their unique cultural heritage of some of the globes oldest cultures.

The grants are also channeled to people with disabilities thus showing the inclusiveness of the fund to people from diverse groups (Australian Council for the Arts, 2016).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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