Strategic Organizational Communication – Essay Example

The paper "Strategic Organizational Communication" is an excellent example of a business essay.
Southwest airlines have developed the website in a creative and efficient manner. The website is based on the idea of facilitating customers, travel agents, businesses and other concerned people. The websites provide a number of offers to facilitate the travelers and make it attractive for the customers to use their services. They have used symbols, pictures and interesting content to introduce places that the tourists would love to visit. The overall message of the website to the customers is to attract them by lowest fares and rewards on using the service consistently.
The tourists, other travelers, travel agents, hotel businesses and rent-a-car businesses are the major stakeholders who are targeted through the website. The website uses various marketing tools and techniques to create their service a center of attention for the visitors. The website uses information in detail, slideshow presentations, creative design and easily navigated patterns for the site visitors. The website consists of different sections that facilitate the visitors in reaching their desired option easily. The website aims to make the most of public relations by giving rewards to existing customers and generate customer loyalty. It also integrates various social networking websites including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter etc.
The website clearly includes all important facts and offers of the airline. The mission of the airlines have been demonstrated clearly and the objective of the airlines can be achieved as it is user-friendly and allows the site visitors maximum ease and comfort to attain the services by using online reservation. They have successfully integrated their marketing communication as they provide a lot of information about their promotional campaigns, incentives, and rewards available for the stakeholders.