TV Commercial – Essay Example

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The paper "TV Commercial" is a brilliant example of an e-commerce essay. Television commercials were the most fascinating to watch because of the music and bizarre and daring videos. I remember having danced and singalong with a lot of commercials as a kid and I used to like watching them better than the other television programmes. If I were to pick any one particular type of commercial it will have to be those that promote food items. Being a foodie I was and still am greatly attracted to snacks and other cola commercials.

As a child, I use to watch them especially for the music and the visuals. I still vividly remember sitting glued to the television screen during commercials. It was very difficult to take your eyes of them and talking about these commercials and enacting a few stunts became a norm among friends in school. Back then the most popular commercial that attracted me most was the “ I want Pringles” advertisement that was aired in the ’ 90s. I basically loved the chips and it has remained my personal favorite till date.

It was the commercial that made me taste the chips and I still enjoy watching it. Its magical visuals and the trendy music made it my favorite. It took through an enjoyable tour with dinosaurs, Egyptian girls, pirates and finally to space. Commercials filmed with children tend to be a major draw for both kids as well as grown-ups. And this particular Pringle commercial had all the right ingredients that made it a very entertaining commercial to watch. My friends and I used to sing the song with the tune while eating the chips and finally ended it with the words, ‘ Once you pop the fun don’ t stop’ , which we would utter aloud.

I really had great fun watching it.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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