Traditional Grading System Vs Pass and Fail System – Essay Example

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The paper "Traditional Grading System Vs Pass and Fail System" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. Assessment of educational system has always been a topic to debate on. The educational policies were framed to evaluate the understanding of students. Today we have classes to impart knowledge and in turn have exams to check reproduction of the knowledge shared. The entire system has its pitfalls which call for timely analysis of the situation. Keywords: education, grade, failure, competition, evaluation, potential, anxiety, peaceThe traditional grading system works by allotting a grade to students based on their performance.

Each grade has a comparable value. For instance, grade A is considered higher than grade B and so on. The grading system shows a precise performance of every student telling him/her their position in the class. An alternative system that is gaining popularity in several institutes is the pass/fail system. A pass/fail system is just as it sounds. It is an assessment in which students either pass or fail, and they are awarded either a P for a passing score or an F for a failing score. [1] In this case, a precise evaluation of a student cannot be done based on a comparative basis. Let us delve into the details of these systems.

The traditional grading system brings in with itself the pangs of anxiety. When it comes to exams, the student is more worried not about depth of understanding the subject matter but about the final output in terms of grades. A grading system often creates tension and leads to mental imbalance for some. The relief following the exams is much sought after. The low-grade holders often develop an inferiority complex.

Such a feeling is superficial and merely shows the position of a candidate among a few students which is always negligible when compared with our learning population at that instant of the academic year. A pass/ fail system is considered many times better because it has the potential to keep mental peace and thus focus on the necessities of education process as a whole instead of just the end result. It can give relaxation and facilitate tremendous positive energy. This system can be applied at the graduate level where developed maturity plays an important role. As said by Darwin and proven numerous times by nature; “ Survival of the fittest” holds true.

A human can survive well and explore his potentials in a competitive zone. When you have something better in front of you, you feel like grabbing it. Similarly, when we see someone performing better than us, we have that urge to beat him with a still better performance. This driving force is necessary to maintain a lively atmosphere. The student satisfaction and his ability to apply knowledge in various areas of life are of prime importance which can only bear fruits with strong fundamentals.

As far as this happens successfully, we needn’ t actually bother about the system!

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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