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The Relationship Between Management and Organizational BehaviorManagement is the practice of getting people together so that they can fulfill the goals and objectives that have been set within the organization. On the other hand, organizational behavior is the study of how employees feel and act within an organizational setup. This study focuses on those aspects that have an impact on employee behavior within a particular organization. Various studies confirm that there exists a strong relationship between management and organizational behavior. Managers need to understand the theories of organizational behavior to get the best output out of their employees.

These theories guide managers on the best ways they can influence employs to achieve the set organizational objectives. Managers can draw from their knowledge of a variety of disciplines that constitute organizational behavior to make sound judgments and decisions (Avey, Luthans, and Youssef 432). Communication, psychology, sociology and human relations are all important disciplines, which can guide a manager on how to get the best out of each employee. Therefore, a manager can ensure his employees remain committed, involved and competitive in the duties that have been assigned to them.

A manager can draw from his knowledge to interact well with the employees and achieve success on a personal or organizational level. A manager who is knowledgeable in organizational behavior can rally all the employees within the organization to work toward achieving the set objectives. Such a manager can have the advantage of understanding the needs of his employees and how they can be met to guarantee better work efficiency. Such a manager can study the behavior of every employee while at work to get to know the different personality profiles that exist in the organization, and how they can be utilized.

A knowledgeable manager is able to understand how various attitudes and perceptions within the work environment have a bearing on the job satisfaction as regards each staff member. A manager is supposed to implement tasks that suit the individual personality types of the employees working under him (Avey, Luthans, and Youssef 436). Managers should also learn on the approaches they should use to make decisions within the organization, and how these decisions can be implemented as part of workplace policies.

The manager should gain a positive insight into the way employees perceive and feel about the policies that are used within their places of work. Therefore, managers are supposed to structure work and relationships between different categories of employees to come up with efficient organizational cultures (Avey, Luthans, and Youssef 441). The organizational culture that is established can help employees to share more about their experiences with the management in a free atmosphere. The management should encourage wider interactions with its employees to bring about solid management practices that can be able to create deeper commitment in the staff.

Employees should be able to practice a higher degree of professionalism in all their engagements to ensure that what is expected of them is accomplished. Good management requires the existence of proper communication at all levels for the work process to be smooth, without any interruptions. Therefore, it is important for organizations to institute efficient monitoring, evaluation and reward systems, which if implemented well can easily improve their standard work output.

There is a need for proper coordination at all levels within the workplace to ensure that the work output by the employees meets the set quality standards. Employees who do highly specialized tasks can be given more autonomy to ensure that the quality their output remains as high as possible. This ensures that these highly specialized employees do not feel pressured when working on crucial assignments and motivates them to deliver positive results (Luthans and Youssef 322). Therefore, every worker should be empowered to make crucial decisions regarding the assignment that he is handling at that particular moment.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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