George Washington Carver – Essay Example

The paper "George Washington Carver" is a wonderful example of a history essay. He is a man prominently known for his leadership and immense passion in aiding his fellow Blacks. He was born in 1864 by a slave mother by the name Mary in Missouri though passed on when still young (Canter 183). On attaining freedom from slavery, he struggled to educate himself, hence managing to be the first African-American at Simpson College (Schier 21). Indication his hard work was evident in the way he then used to clean school’s toilets at least to pay fees (Canter 183).
Later, he joined Tuskegee Institute of agricultural research possessed by Booker T Washington and became the departmental head. During his career at the institute, he did a remarkable job that until to date many remember him (Canter 183). Carver initiated research programs in a bid to help farmers who were experiencing threats due to high rates of soil degradation. He conducted numerous researches regarding the best alternative crop while advising them on rotation methods with the intention of augmenting yield (Canter 183). As a result, many farmers started to experience booming harvests, therefore, high sales resulting from their crops.
In addition, the remarkable intellectual leadership first by standing up for the farmers where his core intention encompassed aiding them to improve own lives, especially through proper farming. By undertaking extensive researches meant to unveil alternative crops, which these farmers then could plant, for instance, in introducing peanuts and soya beans in place for cotton exhibits concern for humanity. He further extended his goodwill when he consumed his entire savings to start Washington Carver foundation for agricultural research to further his need to help the farmers.