Toenails In The Corner – Essay Example

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The paper "Toenails In The Corner" is a wonderful example of a management essay. This is an interesting, almost humorous, situation being presented involving the proper removal of discarded toenails in a private podiatry office. As stated in the scenario presented Doctor Bernstein feels that it is part of Nurse Walsh’ s job to clean up the toenails instead of sweeping them into the corner. On the other hand, Nurse Walsh claims that the Doctor only asks her to do it because he is a “ chauvinist” and he sees the task as” women’ s work. ” This is hardly a case of gender prejudice; it is, in my opinion, a case of the oversensitivity.

Firstly a classic sign of male chauvinism is a low regard for a woman’ s abilities. If that were the case, I sincerely, doubt that the physician would ever have hired a woman to take on a large responsibility as this nurse practitioner has in the office. Also, if he perceived all cleaning as “ women’ s work, ” why would he hire a janitor at all, would he not just leave it for his female staff to take care of?

In any work environment, especially, with such small staff, it is very likely that sometimes employees will end up doing things for the good of the team that overlaps beyond their general job descriptions. I think that the Nurse’ s choice to sweep them into a corner is incredibly unprofessional. If part of her job is to clip the patient’ s toenails, then it seems only logical that cleaning up after she finishes her task would, in fact, be part of her job.

Cleaning up after each patient and keeping a clean and organized office is essential to quality patient care. As the PowerPoint we reviewed in class explained, it can be very hard to change someone’ s perception. So it may take time to convince this employee that when she is asked to eliminate the toenails it is, simply, an employer’ s expectation of her job, and not a matter of male chauvinism. In the end, the important thing is for the toenails to be off the floor, out of the corner, and into a trashcan.

Perhaps if the Doctor was seen eliminating the waste himself then his staff would see that he is just as dedicated to cleanliness and professionalism in the office as he expects his staff to be. Leading by example is a strong tool for anyone in a management position. Respect for others and their perspectives even when different to your own is essential for a successful and peaceful workplace. If the Doctor sat down with his staff and explained to them his expectations and shares his appreciation and respect for the jobs that they do, then this small podiatry office would be functioning better and the corner would be successfully free of toenails.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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