Conflicts as an Opportunities for Learning and Improvement – Essay Example

The paper "Conflicts as an Opportunities for Learning and Improvement" is an outstanding example of an essay on social science. It has been said that obstacles and conflicts present very unique opportunities for learning and improvement. I reflect back on my life and agree in full with this statement; the most recent obstacle in my life was making a choice on the career course to pursue. After completing my high school education and passing with good grades I definitely engineering was my course of choice but my parents wanted me to become a lawyer. The obstacle then was for me to convince my family that my interest was in an engineering course despite having the qualification for the law as they desired for me. It took me courage and determination to sit down with my dad particularly and explain why I could not follow a career of his desire. Decisiveness, tolerance, being respect, careful listening and effective communication on my part played a major role in the discussion that saw my dad support my career decision. I took my time to listen to his arguments and reasons as to why he wanted me to pursue a course and ultimately a career in law. I agreed with respected his reasoning. But my interest and abilities I knew were in engineering. After listening carefully, I then explained my reasons for choosing a course in engineering. In the end, he agreed and fully supported my choice to become an engineer. The experience thought me the importance of listening and communicating effectively. No matter what the issue the solution lies just with us. Taking time to listen, being tolerant and respectful to the opinions of other people are key. Also decisively and effectively communicating your reasoning will influence how the issue is resolved.