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Analysis of Health and Healthy for Vibration with Hong Kong Construction IndustryIntroduction Workers within the construction industry are exposed to different hazardous materials and physical agents including welding fumes, organic solvents, radiation, and vibration. Excessive exposure to such agents could result in result, permanent disability, and chronic illness within the sites. According to The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005, poor working environments and health conditions could contribute to loss of concentration of the workers, which increases accident risks (Government of Alberta, 2010). The major feature of the construction industry is high labour turnover, frequently changing working environments, and condition of the working site.

Moreover, other feature includes different work types undertaken simultaneously by different contractors (The Victorian Trades Hall Council: Occupational Health and Safety, 2015). The integration of these factors would further increase the health risk of the workers within the sites. Within the construction industry, many jobs involve utilization of the hand-held power tools including the pneumatic breakers and disc grinders. However, the vibration from these equipments could contribute to carpel tunnel syndrome among the employees, which mainly affects their fingers and hands.

In the end, vibrations from the machines would contribute in permanent damage of the nerves, which in turn leads to loss of sense of touch and dexterity (Healthy Working Lives, 2012). With such challenges within the construction, the Department of Labour in Hong Kong has been enacting legislation to regulation the vibration levels. The regulations require, where possible, the constructors should use low vibration tools, which is vital to maintain to ensure that they are balanced with no loose parts. Additionally, the regulations also recommend wearing of the anti-vibration gloves in a bid to reduce the harmful effects associated with vibration on the workers.

Vibration Workplace Environments Like in any other place, employees within the construction sector in Hong Kong are exposed frequently to vibration at work. The effects on people are similar including reduction in the performance of the employees and damaging their health conditions. In Hong Kong, there have been several efforts made by both the legislators and the manufacturers of the machinery used within the construction industry to cut the level of risk (Zhu et al. , 2014).

Vibration produced from the tools and machinery used within the construction industry could be a function of the working principle of the tools, which could as well result from the external influences. The major cause of the vibration from the construction sites are the unbalanced mass of the rotating parts of the machines, friction that occurs between various components of the machine and bearing, and external and internal forces responsible for the creation of shocks. There are two categories of vibration on the employees: hand-arm and whole-body vibration.

However, both types of vibration are transmitted through hands and feet to the whole body. The ISO 2631-2: Mechanical vibration and shock - evaluation of human exposure to whole body vibration - part 2: vibration in buildings mainly focuses on whole body vibration and defines the scope of human exposure. Considering that some constructors in Hong Kong still utilize the old technologies, employees still use the hand-held or the manually guided machines. The hand-arm vibrations are transmitted through the handle of the machinery. The workers exposed to such vibrations usually suffer from various syndromes including hand-arm vibration syndrome, which is responsible for neurological and motor disorders within the hands and fingers of the employees in Hong Kong.

Other forms of disorders are circulatory disorder that affect the fingers and the musculoskeletal system disorder.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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