Coors Company Case – Essay Example

The paper "Coors Company Case" is a wonderful example of a management essay.
The Coors Company has a brewing experience of over a century in the industry. The company has undergone a transformation throughout the years, to become one of the major manufacturers and sellers of beer in the country. During this period the company has been involved in different activities seeking to enhance the survival of the business. Brewing division, however, accounts for the largest proportion of the company’s income. The production inputs for the company are split between labor costs and other production components as well. The company has adopted an integrated brewery setting in seeking to control the costs and enhance the efficiency of the production factors.
The element of growth among organizations is a challenge that could affect the profitability of a company. In undertaking expansion for an organization, it is essential to make consideration of the business operating environment in seeking to adopt the best strategy for succeeding within a highly competitive market (Lewis et al., 1042). Regulation within the business environment presents a challenge and could have adverse effects on the profitability of the organization. The business supply chain management strategy adopted also has a significant contribution to the profitability of the organization. The distribution channels utilized by organizations are core determinants of the success that is achieved from the business operations. Coors Company had undergone a difficult period when regulation became a limiting factor to the profitability. The strength of the company came from the business model adopted by the organization, including diversification and expansion.