The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Media and the American Dream – Essay Example

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The paper 'The Symbiotic Relationship Between the Media and the American Dream' is an excellent example of an essay on media.   The American dream has watered the aspirations and hopes of many Americans for generations. It kicked off as a mere revolutionary motto that each individual has the chance to enjoy happiness, and the freedom to exert himself for a better life through fair ambition and hard work. The American dream is grounded on the national spirit of the United States where freedom includes the chance to prosper and upward social mobility as a result of hard work.

However, this dream has been translated to represent expectations concerning making money and owning things. The media have helped individuals to achieve their individual dreams through highlighting success stories that demonstrate the reality of the American dream. There is some sort of symbiotic relationship that exists between the American dream and the media.   Discussion  Newcomers have entered American soil in order to find better opportunities but in most circumstances expecting that one will land a better life is not always a good idea.

The United States has been affected in its previous years even the Great Recession that affected many Americans. The notion of the American Dream of landing a better life as one works hard can be possible but many people found it to be a fluke (Suri 721). The media has thrived on the vision of the American dream and the success of people who actualize this vision into reality. In West Germany, in the aftermath of the Second World War, the common intense motive was the desire for a better life, more closely identified with the American dream which turned out to be the German dream.

For women in Italy after 1945 magazines and film stories on American life provided an American dream and hope to other people outside the United States. The media provided an opportunity where people learned about other peoples’ achievements and aspirations after World War II. New York City particularly represented a kind of utopia where each kind of desire and dream could be a reality (Harrell 167).   The Italian woman saw a model as a sign of their own emancipation from belonging to second class status in their traditional patriarchal society.

The media has assisted the American dream to resonate in other parts of the world hence giving hope and expectations to many people.   Social media has assisted in ushering in and sustaining this era of fashion. In times where each moment of a famous person’ s life may be tweeted, his daily life recorded on YouTube and Instagram, celebrities comprise a lifestyle more closely as opposed to a brand disconnected from the blood and flesh of personhood. Fame has usually been concerned about performance.

The relation between the media and celebrity has always been mutually symbiotic while the role of celebrities may be changing. In the era of networked media, the terms used to describe the commerce and celebrity seem not to be sufficient. Being in a world that has only about 7 billion people it is inevitable to deny the fact that for a proper society people need each other. The real success stories are engraved in the tenets of positive collaboration (Blum 93). As Helen Keller put it there is little one can achieve alone as compared when working with other people.

The idea of teamwork and collaboration has been promoted through social media where people share personal stories and encourage others who are yet to achieve their goals and dreams in life. The media has highlighted the challenges faced by individuals while trying to achieve their dreams hence ensuring that the government comes up with policies to address injustices and inequalities. A lot of business has been created through the belief in the American dream and media proprietors have gained greatly due to the belief in the American dream.     Commercials about visiting California portray some celebrities and other individuals describing California as somewhere to find yourself and turn out to be successful.

California is shown as a place full of opportunities for a better life but new arrivals do not get the picture concerning the difficulties America is grappling with owing to the brainwashing by advertisements and commercials like the one in California. Immigrants come to America with the hope of finding the dream that is portrayed in the media but many encounter a different picture on the ground.

A demonstration of the American dream sometimes presented in the media is not always the reality and newcomers have to deal with a new situation when they land in America (Brands 442). Nevertheless, the American dream portrayed in the media has helped to give many people hope and assurance about the essence of hard work and striving in life to pursue opportunities. People have just to realize the American dream entails making the best from every situation and always hoping for the best.

An individual cannot divert his attention to getting a nice car or getting a new job right away and acquiring a new house the following year (Harrell 167). The American dream has changed over time and one has to exert himself in order to see the opportunities to grasp. Commercials involving celebrities like Kim Kardashian gives hope to other people to pursue whatever will make them happy. In the end, the media benefits by having many people placing advertisements and commercials through the media. People want to follow success stories that are happening and hence they will consume media products in order to stay in touch.

In so doing the media increase its products by having producers and promoters place advertisements in the course of these media articles or documentaries on television or blogs. Unfortunately, many immigrants have trooped into the United States of America with the hope that they will instantly become Hollywood superstars like Lupita Nyong’ or Angelina Jolene. Such celebrities have dotted the media coverage making many to increase their belief in themselves.

Women in America currently are much aware of their freedom as compared to the past years. The other reviewed American dream concerning women represented in the media is independent. The media has influenced many women to be independent and women have taken over the American dream. Previously women preferred to stay at home as homemakers. The media has supported the dreams of women (Rhodes 2010). Women have been allowed to have a greater role in society. The media rides on these success stories and makes a lot of profits and ensures that it penetrates a new market.

The American dream has been sold far and wide in the world using the media.   Conclusion The American dream has been in existence since the declaration of freedom and many Americans have ridden on it to accomplish their personal goals in life. Many people across the world have been motivated by the American dream of realizing their own success. The relationship between the media and the American dream is undisputable and the success in the media can be attributed to the American dream.

The media, on the other hand, has tried to actualize the reality of the American dream through featuring success stories of people who have had breakthroughs in their lives.


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