The Story Of Stuff V.S – Essay Example

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March Comparison between ‘Story of Stuff’ and ‘Capitalism and Environmental Catastrophe’The fundamental similarity between both sources is that both of them emphasize upon the need for a social change wherein everybody assumes the responsibility to reduce consumption and promote the concept of “living green”. Both sources attribute the destruction of nature and society to the production system. Consumption has been identified as the prime cause of issue in both the sources. The two sources differ in their content too. The video systematically explains everything with reference to the sociological impacts of the production system at each stage whereas the article explains the problem with reference to the statistics of environmental destruction and its causes with distorted links with the production system here and there.

The two sources also differ in the approaches they suggest for the solution of the issue. The solution offered to the issue in the video resembles the second of the two solutions proposed in the article i. e. the social change. The first solution offered by the article is of technological advancement directed at the improvement of environment.

The video emphasizes upon the need to convert the existing linear system of production, consumption and disposal into a circular system wherein there is increased unity and a holistic effort of people all over the world to reduce the negative impacts of the system both upon the society and upon the environment. Comparing the two sources, the video takes the lead as it is not only easier to understand the problem for a layman, but also elaborates the issue more interestingly.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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