The Music Concert by Sting – Essay Example

The paper "The Music Concert by Sting" is a wonderful example of an essay on category. The music concert by Sting set a fascinating performance. This follows the presentation of his new album “The Last Ship”. He is a Grammy Award-winning musician. The performance was conducted live at The Public Theater in New York.  The tone he used depicts his way of telling stories in a musical way. Ideally, his choice of music is based on his background as he originated from a family where they were building a ship in the North East of Europe. The concert started with the band singing the chorus together with Sting. This depicted the flawlessness of the artist in the mastery of his work. Additionally, the musical instruments display was done as each band member had an instrument to play; these included the electric guitar, violin, harp, drum, keyboard among other instruments. Sting then welcomed the audience and begun to sing to the amazement of everyone because of his intriguing voice.  The mood created at the concert follows the tempo created by the music. The setting of the music concert was formal and the ambiance was an indoor event as it was conducted in the theater. Perhaps this was done to help utilize the musical presentation capturing the band and the main artist as people enjoyed the music while seated. The audience was generally of older people. One can easily tell how the audience reconnected with Sting as he sang. The intimate connection also is kept throughout the live performance as Sting used different techniques to keep the audience involved and stays alert as they listened to his music, for example, Sting would pause and briefly take the form of spoken word style by narrating about living in a community that makes a ship. Equally, the texture of the music was homophonic. The band used the musical instruments to create melody and rhythm and feature three or more notes that sounded the same time while letting the prominent melody take an upper part. Sting had a genius way of fussing powerful music lyric with wistfully and sensitive melody. The fact that the whole performance was anchored by his background created a profound experience when one imagines the life of people and communities that live alongside a great river. The juxtaposition of the music concert following a personal journey of Sting created a compelling musical theatre. Additionally, Sting tagging along singer and actor Jimmy Nail who joined Sting on stage blended the music and even Jo Lawry was singing along. The music had not only attached their professions but also brought the whole concept of art. One of the things that were exceptional at the concert was the way the audience was able to connect with Sting. The mood created made the concept interesting as the band and the vocals team intertwined creating appealing music.  Every moment the audience was thrilled, there was applauding and clapping depicting the appreciation of the music performed live. The ensemble was a live band and the melody used was conjunct. One would easily sing since the music was smooth. Mostly violin was the featured instrument owing to its constant use and the majority of the band had it. The music concert was filled to capacity. It depicts how people loved live concerts. The music performed by Sting follows the band support and the style of his presentation. I recommend people to attend live concert especially Sting’s concert as one would never regret.