The Moral Purpose for Teaching – Essay Example

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The paper "The Moral Purpose for Teaching" is a great example of an education essay. Teaching is a very noble profession. It has helped transform the lives of very many people throughout the world. Each and every person, irrespective of their profession, has passed through a school and was taught by a teacher. This paper is dealing with the moral purpose of teaching. This includes the reasons as to why I personally chose to become a teacher. (Rolheiser, and Bennett, 2001) Morality is an aspect that deals with the reason(s) for taking a particular step, decision or a way of conduct.

There are various reasons that made me choose the teaching profession. One of the reasons is that I wanted to play a role in transforming young people’ s lives. I chose this profession because I wanted to shape young people towards achieving their destiny. I wanted to help young people achieve their dreams in various professions like medicine, engineering, fashion design and teaching among others. I understand that there are very many issues affecting young people and generally hindering them towards achieving their goals.

I, therefore, chose to be a teacher so that I can be in a position of guiding and counseling them. This includes enlightening them on issues that can thwart their destiny. (Marzano, 2003) I also chose to be a teacher because I wanted to play a role in helping students to maximize their resources and use their time wisely. I had earlier noted that many students had the opportunity to go to school but never maximized on the resources available. I, therefore, chose this profession so that I would be close enough with students to guide them on how to fully maximize on available resources like time, books and their teachers too I chose to become a teacher because I know I have the qualities of a teacher.

I am a good instructor and very patient in dealing with slow learners. I am also a very good listener and this prompted me to choose the teaching profession. I knew through this, I would be able to listen to students’ concerns whether social or academic-oriented. One of the reasons that made me become a teacher was because I wanted to impact my society directly.

I wanted an avenue where I would invest in the society since society had invested so much in me too. I also wanted to be in a position of implementing educational policies enacted at the national and also local levels. (Marzano, 2003) I was also seeking for a chance where I would be in a position of influencing change in these policies and legislations. This is especially concerning those that were not enhancing learning and teaching.

I also wanted to correct distorted ideologies about teachers. I had noted that some parents and also students had some misconceptions about the teaching profession. I, therefore, wanted to be in a position to change these perceptions by serving as an example and also educating them on the importance of the teaching profession. (Rolheiser, and Bennett, 2001) In conclusion, teaching as a profession has played a very imperative role in shaping society. I chose the teaching profession for different reasons. One is that I wanted to change the distorted ideologies of teachers in society.

I also wanted to invest in society and more so in young people. This includes helping them to achieve their dreams and purposes in life.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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