Learning Society and Learning Identities – Essay Example

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The paper "Learning Society and Learning Identities" is a great example of an essay on education. This assay gives an interesting history of my learning development. It analyses every single step I undertook from the first day I was enrolled in nursery school. My learning experience is unique compared to the normal learning experience. Children who grew up in the second families who live in urban areas are advantaged in that they are given an enabling environment all though and they stand a better chance to finish school at an early age.

That has been the case to me. This essay will give me how I manage to advance in my learning despite many challenges that I underwent. Learning is a process that is dictated by many factors. A number of factors that I will discuss in this essay are the family background. There are quite number of initiatives that have been undertaken by the government to give education to all in my country. This is an improvement compared to my time where there was little support given to us.

There is an aspect of private schools which have widened the earning gap between children from humble background and those from better family background. In this essay, I will give my complete side of the learning story in contrast to modern learning experience of children raised in a better enabling environment. The essay will demonstrate psychological differences that manifest in the different learning environment. Children from well off background are well prepared psychotically and are able to learn faster and finish their studies early compared to children who hails from poor background. Primary school My primary school encounter was an interesting one.

I was not a bright pupil as such. My class one to class five was not a fruitful one. I had a lot of difficulty in learning and I recall most of my time playing. I was active out of class and passive in class. Late in class five I began to change my way of doing things. Most of my close friends was doing very well in classwork and made me to worry a lot. I became curious and got a lot of desire to gaining knowledge and compete with my friends.

My mother used to comment about me badly regarding my behavior and my teacher did not like me as such due to my poor performance. That really disturbed my peace and there was an urge in me to make a difference. I put a lot of efforts on my classwork and it was not easy to grasp things faster enough. I struggled but there was little difference in my academic achievements. In class six I made such a decision to learn two items and gram it per day.

I kept doing that every now and then and it really made a lot of difference in my learning ability. I slowly began to rise in my class position from poor student to average student. I joint class seven with average marks and that was satisfactory to me. Class seven was a difficult; almost all the subjects were cumbersome. I kept on employing my approach until the end of class seven though I was not able to secure cut-off marks to enable me move to class eight.

I missed two marks and that denied me a chance to go to class eight. I was so discouraged but I later took it positively and repeated class seven. At such a time I was sharp enough and I knew very well that I will be the best student in class seven. For all of my class seven in that year I became the best pupil.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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