The industrial revolution and the cotton gine – Essay Example

The industrial revolution and the cotton gin If one takes a close look at the development of the human civilization,one can not help noticing that from its very dawn the society was trying to make conditions of life better and labor more productive. This has been reflected in the continuous technological development that has not stopped even at the present moment. What is more important is that there were several turning points of the history of the whole world which are called revolutions. While some people tend to suggest that Neolithic revolution should be regarded as the most important one, it would not be a mistake to argue that Industrial revolution is the one that has had the biggest impact on the mankind if compared to all the others.
In spite of the fact that at first Industrial revolution flourished in one particular part of the world, the influence of it soon reached all countries around the globe. What is more important is that though the significance of engaging science and technology could be beneficial for a handful of industries, the positive consequences started to affect other industries too which triggered the rapid development and transformation of the whole world.
It is my strong belief that while cotton gin is an old device that is no longer used, it should be regarded as a symbol the marks the time when people were able to make their labor as effective as possible and change their attitude towards the resources that eh world provided them with. Indeed, this is the begging of the era when products were no longer custom, but were produced in big amounts which contributed to standardization of conditions of life and equality of the people. What is more important is that I believe that with the help of Industrial revolution, the mankind was able to understand a bigger part of its potential and apply its efforts more effectively.
If one takes a close look at the elements of Industrial revolution, one can not help noticing that the four characteristic features that it possesses conditioned its emergence only in the eighteenth century. Thus, the division of complex processes into simple tasks was the result of vast experience that was obtained from the previous practice.
Secondly, the use of machines was an unthinkable action in the previous times since people did not think that mechanism could be reliable and even perform simple tasks that are usually reserved for people (Headrick 91).
Thirdly, as has been noted before, mass production of products was a relatively new concept for the world which got used to seeing every item that is produced by a craftsman as a unique one.
Finally, the primary source of energy that was used by the pioneers of the industrial revolution focused on fossil fuels. In spite of the fact that the latter has already been used by the humanity, the comfort as well as the effectiveness was achieved only relatively lately.
As one can clearly see, Industrial revolution should be considered to be a logical step in the development of the mankind. Keeping in mind that that it should the people a new effective model of interacting with the world, one would make no mistake arguing that it is of great importance for the whole humanity.
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