Importance of Balance between Theory and Practice in Physical Education – Essay Example

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The paper "Importance of Balance between Theory and Practice in Physical Education" is a great example of an essay on education. Physical Education (PE) requires the teachers to address certain special education needs of the students through adequate management of theory and practice. There have been numerous theories and models evolved to explain the dynamics of physical education. These theories and models demonstrate a number of initiatives and strategies to make the process of physical education successful and effective. However, the practical implication of these theories possesses great importance in physical education because physical education is a unique discipline of study that imperatively requires a balance between theory and practice. Theories determine the contents of education in the light of the knowledge and outcomes gained through research work.

In this way, theories provide the framework to systematically locate the learning activities of the students and also formulate the recommendations to design the course and manage the classroom activities. In this way, all the people involved in the PE process become able to avail of the benefits and outcomes of the research work conducted in their fields.

The practice of these theories and outcomes is very important in a PE classroom because these assure effective, safe and adequate completion of the education process while following the lines determined by the experts of the discipline. Finding a balance between theory and practice is crucial for all the educational disciplines and PE classroom is also highly affected by the teachers’ approach to balance theory and practice. Theory informs the students about different concepts within physical education whereas practice teaches them to deal with different issues encountered during physical education classes.

Creating a balance between theory and practice in physical education is mainly the responsibility of the teachers. This balance is very critical because the theory-practice gap in PE could affect the instructional procedure and outcome of the educational process. It has been observed that most of the times the theory-practice gap within PE occurs when the teachers do not use the recommended planning and evaluation procedures as they think it is not necessary. In order to create a balance between theory and practice it is the responsibility of the PE teachers to use the recommended instructions and strategies within the classroom environment to assure the practicability of PE theoretical framework. Finding a balance between theory and practice is very important because the lives and lifestyles of people are highly affected by the quality of physical education that they receive from their instructors.

When the instructors are well aware and capable of balancing theory and practice they could teach the students effective ways of PE theory and practice management that they could later apply in their lives for gaining certain benefits.

It enables them to live their lives in balanced activities and routine but if the teachers fail to create a balance between theory and practice the students would also fail to learn to balance between these two important components of physical education. It is widely observed that the teachers using theories within their instructions tends to gain a higher level of desired results from their class because they use the recommended strategies to deal with the students and eventually these research-based strategies and theories allow them to better handle different types of situations in the classroom.

However, at the same time, it is also found that every student and every class is unique and their demands also might vary. In such a situation, the teacher has to focus more on practice rather than implementing the recommended strategies and theories. This implies that the teacher has to analyze the classroom environment to determine the use of theory and practice within the class. When the teacher succeeds in this analysis he will be able to maintain a balance between theory and practice in PE.

It is also unveiled that finding a balance between theory and practice within the PE class is critically important to assure the successful transmission of knowledge and training to the students in physical education. The teacher is supposed to spend time in understanding the class and analyzing its needs. On the basis of this analysis, he has to decide whether to completely implement the theories and recommended strategies or make some changes within the decided pattern in response to the unique needs of the classroom and the students.

The effectiveness of the physical education process also lies in this balance because when the students get a balanced dose of theory and practice they will be able to get maximum from the classroom and apply the acquired education in their practical lives.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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