The Faith – Essay Example

The paper "The Faith" is an exceptional example of an essay on religion and theology. God has made this a must that His people will obey his commands but if they fail to do so, they can always come up and apologize for their sins. However, God will never tolerate the sin of ‘shirk’ or having the belief that there are separate Gods. This is the utmost form of thinking that can literally develop or humiliate a person in entirety. It would be better to have the thinking that faith will manifest its truest self within a way which could be remarked as pure and absolute, without falling short of the expectations that God has laid within the people.
The many branches that faith has, serves the purpose of making people understand the different levels under which faith is basically intertwined with one another. It helps establish the very basis of faith in more ways than one. Faith is not dependent upon one act or virtue; rather it is a combination of a number of undertakings on the part of man that he does for the sake of God. However, God gives immense preference to the understanding that there is no one who takes His place in the eyes of the people who listen to His commands and obey Him.