The Ethical Issue and Options of the Business – Essay Example

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The paper "The Ethical Issue and Options of the Business" is a wonderful example of an essay on business. The ethical dilemma, in this case, is bribery. The new station Franz Mueller depicts how Mueller has the habit of soliciting bribes to the manufacturer’ s sales managers by giving out Rolex watches. This explains the high number of cars he receives compared to what Shamalay Automotive receives. The new model that is marketable has led to the manufactures providing only 15 cars per month for every dealer. However, Muller receives more than 200 cars monthly making the firm gain high profits.

The Rolex watches are not approved or receive any authorization by the senior management. In business bribing is unethical. It depicts an immoral action that causes unfair competition to other business (Gupta, 2013). For example, Mueller Imports enjoys extra profit at the expenses of smaller firms like Shamalay Automobiles that are struggling to cope with the stiff competition. Additionally, bribery overshadows the values and objectives of the business. Further, the billing the company receives from the jewellery firm amounting to $5000 which comes as “ miscellaneous services” is expensed in the books of the company.

This violates the company rules of admitting expenses that do not originate from the company revenues. Arguably both creative accounting and bribery amounts to unethical act as per the criminal offence law and the managerial and accounting principles. The principle does not permit any form of transaction that is derived from bribery or used to cover an illegal operation (Guvenli & Sanyal, 2012). My first option is to quit the company as a controller. Given my respect for business ethics, my conscience would not be clear if I continued working at the company.

Secondly, if I were Becky, I would confront the management and tell them about the unethical behaviour they are exhibiting. Perhaps proper action would be taken against Mueller. Bribery is a social evil and grooming it will lead to a further serious consequence like the erosion of morals and ethical business operations. Consequences of the ethical issue cause social and economic challenges to business and people as well. The inability of the Shamalay Automotives to bribe has rendered it to make a smaller profit margin.

Ideally, the essence of bribery has led to the marginalization of the firm because of its size hence receive only fewer cars to sell every month. The Mueller Firm, on the other hand, is privileged to be able to bribe and receive a large number of cars. Bribery, therefore, discourages investment, lowers the growth of the economy, and renders people to be poorer (Bomann-Larsen & Wiggen, 2004). I would take action by standing on what I believe.

Bribery requires efforts from everyone in order to curb it. Additionally, I would work with others in creating awareness about the social and economic evils the act of bribery affects people and business. Moreover, I will make the organization and Mueller informed both the ethical morality and issues surrounding transactions of the company. This would act as a way of letting them know about the bribery issues going on at the company. This way, Mueller can get a chance to conduct a “ clean” business without necessarily bribing the manufactures sales head and other representatives to have more cars for sale.

However, if Mueller ignores the warning about the bribery allegations and its consequence, I will certainly report him to relevant authorities. This will help prevent others with the same habit from damaging the image of business and accounting.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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