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The paper "The Complexity of Essay Writing" is a great example of an essay on education.   A well-written essay requires hard work. This is because more attention is given to the choice of words, argument construction, and in using the concepts. However, there is also no specific formula used when writing, and it basically involves bringing out a ray of ideas and facts that are well argued and clear to the reader. Despite the fact that different academic disciplines have their set ways of writing essays, there are common objectives that can be used as a guide in the essay writing process.

These objectives could include and not limited to in text analysis to explore their bases and provide opportunities for further discussions to argument presentation in which case both sides of the debate are closely analyzed and criticized. Proper techniques are required in the process trying to clarify the complexity of the issue being discussed in order to effectively communicate. This essay thus discusses four key aspects of essay writing namely; writing process, topic selection, essay planning and finally writing styles.

These aspects are further discussed below; Writing process The actual writing process in essay writing is very time-consuming meaning that enough time has to be set aside in order to produce good work. Leaving this stage for the last minute rush may be very risky and may lead to a poor outcome even if the research was conducted well. David (2008) says that the process of re-drafting is an inevitable stage in the creation process. By this, he means that a lot of revisions have to be done on the draft before the production of the original document.

This drafting process does not however have to follow a specific order, i.e. , one can start with the sections she/he feels comfortable with or at times by starting in the middle of the end can help one overcome the problems of hesitations or doubts. David (2008) further adds that drafting an essay should not be a once process rather one should take their time to enable them to correct all possible mistakes. He says that with time being a limiting factor, the inclusion of an honest and trustworthy friend who can read the essay and help point out corrections is a better way to improve this essay.

Loud reading of the essay can also help in the re-drafting process as it helps point out incomplete thinking and awkward writing. With this in mind, it is important to remember what is already said when drafting the essay to enable the easy flow of ideas from each section to the next making it more logical and coherent. This means that the points of discussions within a given topic should be well arranged in a manner that would be more powerful and logical to the reader, and they should be linked such that one point leads to the other up to the last one. Despite the fact that the writing process is the last part in essay writing and may be viewed by some people as the easiest, it is actually as demanding as the other aspects and ample time needs to be given to it to allow the production of a good essay.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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