Personnel Administration: The Busiest Day at Work – Essay Example

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The paper "Personnel Administration: The Busiest Day at Work" is an excellent example of an essay on management. It was a beautiful sunny day, one of those special days when the sun shines brightly, the birds chirping sweetly, and my spirits were flying sky high all boosted up for a wonderful day at work. I arrived much before the scheduled time, logged in to my system and for the next half hour was sorting the files and scheduling the events for the day. Being an office administrator, I have to take care of all activities ( Paul Pigors, William Pigors and Charles Myers, 1961) from reception to transportation to accommodation for guests… the list is virtually endless.

I chalked down my work schedule and realized this would not be a very busy day… should be quite relaxed. The phone rang, it was my boss, he informed me a foreign delegation was arriving tomorrow on a surprise visit to the office and all the necessary arrangements needed to be made. I asked him for details and went about working on their flight details, hotel accommodation, and their schedule for the next day and so on.

There were so many things to do that I forgot I had a short presentation at the conference hall at 12.30 p. m. Suddenly at 12.25 p. m. a colleague checked if I was ready with the presentation and then I began searching for the material, thankfully I had kept it ready, rushed to the conference hall and went on with the presentation. After the presentation had a meeting regarding ISO standards, the appraisals next week and the work allotment schedule.

Had a very quick lunch, could not afford to spend more than five minutes and hardly without enough time to breathe went through my carefully jotted down list. Completed the important ones as quickly as I could amidst continuous phone calls and before I knew it was past 6 p. m. O my God… a sunny pleasant day became one of my busiest days at work… but I enjoyed it and the job satisfaction was there to stay.


By Paul Pigors, Paul John William Pigors, Charles Andrew Myers (1961), Personnel Administration: A Point of View and a Method, Published by McGraw-Hill
Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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