Football Fever Grips Balkans – Essay Example

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The paper "Football Fever Grips Balkans" is a wonderful example of a history essay. The unresolved conflict during the Yugoslav wars that took place in the 1990s echoes its consequence even up to the present. As we can recall, the Balkan, which was comprised of the southeastern territories in Europe like Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia among others, was disintegrated due to some unresolved conflicts and questions. Several reasons were taken into account that caused the disintegration. First, there was an attempt on Serbia and Montenegro to establish a Greater Serbia.

Second, there was a plan in Croatia and Slovenia to secede from the organization and promote capitalism. Bosnia and Herzegovina were separated because of the contradicting interests of its people. Several cascading wars occurred that took so many lives. The worst happened in Croatia; the war in Bosnia clinched in 1995 but had reaped no solution to the problems. For this reason, it had caused ethnic separations after the Yugoslav war caused a compelling force towards the different ethnic groups because people would have to live in a place where there is a greater number of citizens who had the same ethnicity.

This open case drastically affected the way the people of the Balkans are living up to the present time. In this article that I chose, it predicates the idea that even in sports, the conflict between the Balkan nations is still ever-active after so many years that have passed. In international football, two of the teams namely Croatia and the Bosnia have so much to say about this. For example, in the Bosnia, the Serbs and Croats which make up a little more than just 3.8 million citizens still offer its allegiance towards their "homeland teams” and this is the irony of the fact that they live in Bosnia.

It suggested that the unresolved conflict of ethnic disintegration brought about by the war is still kicking. Furthermore, in sports however, even though the separation and the conflicts that have occurred in the past is still existing, amidst the intercession of politics in the decision of the game and the fan-based biasing and abusive disfavor, at the end of the day, there is still the spirit of “ want” to make an exclusive treatment on football sports.

Some of the football key people assert that despite the trouble hovering above them, the spirit of unity and oneness in the sport should not be contaminated by any political dilemmas. As a result, several players from Bosnia, Croatia, and Serbia play in some other leagues and teams and made important contributions to the sport.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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