Terrorism: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an International Solution – Essay Example

The paper "Terrorism: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of an International Solution?" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics.
The threat of global terrorism has grown to such unprecedented levels, such that it is no longer possible to fight terrorism single-handedly. The countries of the world must now join hands to be able to counter the threat of terrorism, the rest many casualties will continue to be recorded (Krawchuk, 2005)). The major advantage of international solution to terrorism is that; it will be possible to thwart many terrorist threats before they mature to attacks, considering that different nations will combine their efforts in terms of resources, manpower and technology, which will make it possible to investigate and discover terrorist organizations and their activities, and thus manage to counter their plans (Schelling, n.d.). Additionally, an international approach to terrorism will be highly effective in thwarting the threat of terrorism, since countries will be held responsible by others for their failure to control the activities of terrorist within their borders, and thus create a serious control of domestic gangs and criminal organizations, which may in turn to terrorism (Krawchuk, 2005). This way, the international approach to controlling terrorism will help to counter terrorism both domestically and internationally. However, the major disadvantage associated with an international solution to terrorism is the divergent approach to terrorism threat by different countries, which might make it difficult for the international community to forge a single approach to address the threat (Krawchuk, 2005). This will, in turn, create conflicts between, and among the countries, thus creating a fertile ground for terrorism to thrive.