Rhyme and Reason Show – Essay Example

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The paper “ Rhyme and Reason Show” is a great example of a media essay. This television game show was aired by ABC from July 7 to December 26, 1975, at 2:30-3:00 pm, Monday to Friday and 30-2:00 pm, on December 26, 1975, up to its last episode on July 9, 1976. Hosted by Bob Eubanks, the game is played by two contestants (one a returning champion) with the help of six celebrity panelists. A variety of celebrities have participated the said show but some of the most often guests include, Nipsey Russell (a regular), Mitzi McCall and husband Charlie Brill, Meredith MacRae, Conny Van Dyke, Shari Lewis, Ross Elliott, Adrienne Barbeau, and Jamie Farr. The game is composed of three rounds (the elimination round) and a bonus round.

Three points will win a game and two games will win a match. In the elimination round, the host, Bob Eubanks reads a phrase (e. g. Jack said to Jill when they came down the hill. ..), and then the two players would write down valid rhyming words with the word “ hill” . One of the contestants would then choose a celebrity panelist to complete the rhyme (e. g.

. ..we didn’ t go down for water; I hope you take the pill). If the last word of the celebrity’ s rhyme matches with the player he/she gets two points if it matches with the opponent’ s word the opponent will get one point. Every game won earns the player $250 and the winner of the match wins $500. The contestant who wins in the elimination round went to the bonus round where he is asked to write down three words that rhymed with the last word of a given phrase.

He will then choose a celebrity who would complete the rhyme. If the celebrity was able to match all three words in 30 seconds, the player will get $5000. If only two words match, he will get $3000 and $1000 if only one word matches.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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