Life Was Easier When Technology Was Simpler – Essay Example

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The paper "Life Was Easier When Technology Was Simpler" is a delightful example of a technology essay.
Modern technology has complicated everything with developing the machines and technology devices to do everything. One has to respond to every beep that means a lot. Modern technology has turned everything into a beep. The beep means that every machine or technology device is developed to alert the owner on a variety of issues. It mostly alerts the owners whenever anything is wrong; anything needs to be done or completed. It has turned people to be over-dependent on technology (Freed, 2008).
One may feel that by having machines that do everything and requiring persons only to respond when the work is done, is making life easier. Modern technology, however, has made life more difficult. All the technology devices have a variety and complicated features. The user is required to know all of them for the machine to function properly, or just to respond to them. Just one machine has more than ten features, and there are hundreds of machines using technology today. This limits one’s freedom. People are pushed to do things, for example, there is a washing machine that alerts the owner if the clothes are done, the phone beeping when the battery is low, the car beeping anytime the door is not closed, the flashlights are on, or if the trunk is open and so on (Freed, 2008).
People are required to have a lot of knowledge. The examples given in the essay are such as the phones, the fridge, the thermostat, the smoke alarm, the car, and so on. When one goes to the bank, he has to learn a variety of issues from the ATM machine. People have to learn how to drive using the new technologies. All these advancements in technology mount too much pressure on one person (Freed, 2008).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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