Internet2 as a Computer Technology – Essay Example

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The paper "Internet2 as a Computer Technology  " is a brilliant example of an essay on information technology. Internet2 is the new creation of the Internet or it can be said that it is the enhanced version of the internet. It is an extremely high rated network urbanized by an unprofitable group of universities, industry, and government to make the trade of compound information rapid (Matlis, 2006). Internet2 is a conglomerate of more than 300 U. S. academies and universities working with associates from most important business, government agencies, exploration laboratories, and international organizations to expand the next-generation Internet.

Internet2 has four main areas of interest and development according to its website. They are: 1) Provision of high performance with high bandwidth 2) Improving collaboration among people and active access to internet resources3) Provision of new network capabilities such as better QoS, better delivery of multimedia data, etc 4) Provision of a better platform for enhanced research in new technologyThe Internet2 is a high-speed international network interconnecting research institutions throughout the world (Matlis, 2006). The Internet2 is intended to aid collaborative research by carrying application traffic specific to research.

This is different from the large commercial traffic found on the Internet. Internet2 runs at the data rate speed of 10 gigabytes per second, which is much higher as contrasted to the internet, in which we have 4 megabits and people have to make use of cable modem, which supports a little speed (Matlis, 2006). Working in terms of fast relocation of novel network services and applications to all stages of educational employment and to the broader internet group of people, both nationally and internationally, there will be a huge impact of internet2 (Matlis, 2006).

The implementation of internet2 is going to affect consumers, advertisers, governmental institutions, defense institutions, and many other organizations because it is the latest technology that has vast chances of expansion and implementation. They will boost up the technological development in terms of researching due to which, the people will be interested in research-related reason.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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