AutoCAD Electrical – Essay Example

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The paper "AutoCAD Electrical" is a good example of a technology essay. AutoCAD Electrical is the enhanced version of AutoCAD that is considered as a world leader in the development of 2D and 3D designs and drafting. AutoCAD Electrical is the application software that is designed especially for electrical engineers for accommodating them in designing electrical applications and designs (Chadwick 2006). The software is designed by Autodesk that has previously designed AutoCAD. The software has come up as a major support in the electrical industry because of its specification in terms of the electrical field.

Mechanical and electrical engineers can use AutoCAD Electrical collaboratively. AutoCAD Electrical is compatible with AutoCAD. The users of AutoCAD can easily switch to AutoCAD Electrical because it supports all the functionalities of AutoCAD. The drawings that are created on AutoCAD can be shifted to AutoCAD Electrical with less effort. Along with the shifting, AutoCAD Electrical will also assist in converting non-electrical drawings in electrical drawings. It facilitates the users with automatic correction of the errors due to which, there is a clear reduction of errors in the development of electrical designs while working with AutoCAD Electrical (Chadwick 2006).

The software of AutoCAD Electrical is very helpful for the companies, which are associated with the business of designing and electrical products. AutoCAD Electrical is designed specifically for the electrical industry so it is considered effectual for electrical engineers (Chadwick 2006). In the electrical industry, it has proved itself a major support in the expansion of businesses. The users of the software consider the software helpful in designing operations. Many electrical engineers have accessed AutoCAD Electrical for their electrical designing.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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