Women Empowerment in Labor Market – Essay Example

The paper "Women Empowerment in Labor Market" is an exceptional example of an essay on human resources.
Women’s development in the labour market has developed tremendously in the new economy. In 2001, 61% of American women were a part of the labor force as compared to 18% in the start of the century. With the shift from agriculture to manufacturing, commerce and other services, technology development has had a huge impact on women employment opportunities. The current status of women in among global employment is much higher than the men. There are many advancements and new technology introduced that can help in improving women’s technical knowledge, taking advantage of this also depends on the socio economic factors. (1)
New technology helps women obtain more knowledge and skills that will help them attain more challenging and creative work which in turn increases their motivation. One of the main advantages with the computerization and advancement in the field of manufacturing is the reduction of physical work which gives women better employment opportunities in the manufacturing area. A classic example is in the metallurgy industry in China, the women employees increased to 28% from 1% of the total work force with the introduction and use of new technology. The need for skilled labors is also very essential for operating new and expensive equipment which provides job security to women as the company will not be willing to invest in the new staff for training. The skilled labor market helps women engage in more technical and intellectual activities rather than physical labor. Information and technology can help women in creating and setting up new business, helps in generating income, engage in e-business and improve education. It also provides flexible working hours and part-time jobs for women. (1)
The impact of new technologies and technological advancements can be negative or positive on women as it depends on the context that the technology is built around. If labour-intensive work is replaced with new and advanced technology it could pose a threat to many unskilled or low skilled women workers. (1)