How to Use Groups Effectively – Essay Example

The paper "How to Use Groups Effectively" is an outstanding example of an essay on English. I played the role of a spokesperson in the group. I focused on the task integrating all the technical details required for the final presentation. As such, it was up to me to ensure that each concept is explained in detail and linked with the group’s view on any study question. In addition, I focused on summarizing the findings and progress of the group at each stage and presenting them to the rest of the groups in the class and the instructor in order to provide them with an insight into what we were doing as a group. One of the members of our group held the role of the timekeeper. His role was to ensure that the group kept time and moved the group along to ensure completion of the various tasks in the shortest time possible. In addition, the timekeeper was required to take on the role of any member that was missing at a meeting in case the member holding the wildcard role was also missing in the same meeting. Considering the final product of the group, we collaborated perfectly to incorporate each aspect of the final product and design the presentation to provide other groups and the instructor with details of the research (Burke, 2011). The group research process was also highly effective as the group was able to meet all the provided deadlines. In addition, each member was assigned to a role and a part of the study, thus facilitating the fair contribution of each member. The group promoted an environment for proper communication through the group leader who had the authority to coordinate the efforts of all the members and promote a collaborative environment towards meeting the goals of the project. Working in a group allowed us to have more information at our disposal as each member contributed a fair share of information. In addition, the group environment stimulates creativity among the members especially during the brainstorming sessions (Burke, 2011). Besides mere learning in-depth comprehension of certain concepts is facilitated through group learning. However, some of the areas that require improvements include deep evaluation of any alternatives as the group upholds majority opinion in most cases, which may be wrong or less effective. In addition, some of the members of the group dominate the discussions, thus leaving out some important contributions from other members (Burke, 2011). On the other hand, some of the members depend on others to carry out most of the tasks, especially those who have less active roles such as the wildcard.