How to Make the UN Stronger – Essay Example

The paper "How to Make the UN Stronger?" is an outstanding example of an essay on politics.
United Nations (U.N) is an international organization that was founded in the year 1942 during the time of world war two. The first declaration of the term U.N was made in 1941 by the president of the United States. It became active from the year 1948. Its main aims were to make enforcement of security, social progress, international law, and human rights easier for all the nations around the world. It focuses on peacekeeping, especially in countries where there is war or conflicts (Kofi, 2015). The United Nations has been actively performing its roles until recently where it has been reluctant in accomplishing its roles. This has been because of the various challenges, which this organization has been experiencing. Some of these challenges include the following:
One of the main challenges that have rendered U.N recently incapable of performing its intended roles is the inability of its security council to command respect from its members and from the armed forces across borders. This, therefore, makes it difficult to gain access to the nations, which are in need of U.N services because of lack of cooperation. Another challenge is the leadership of the United Nations council, which has been dominated by the by five officials who won the Second World War. Most of the U.N members argue that times have changed and therefore other new permanent members should be allowed to be part of the U.N leadership through democratic election by fellow members. This is because most members believe that the current leadership has been reluctant and in favor of their own states thus leading to the U.N reluctance of accomplishing its main roles (Kofi, 2015).
However, due to the raising challenges that have rendered U.N incapable of fully accomplishing its mission currently, the members came up with some ways of making U.N stronger and more active in its roles. They include; election of a new category of members who will serve as part of the council leadership and can be re-elected, pledging of the five permanent members that they shall not let the misunderstanding between them cause council failure, the council paying close attention to all the effects of its decision and the council ensuring that U.N gets the type of leadership it needs by looking for the best-qualified candidates to vying for the leadership positions (Kofi, 2015). All these are strategies to be used by the United Nations members to strengthen this international organization and to empower it so that it continues to serve its purpose.