A Young Persons Guide to the Grading System by Jerry Farber – Essay Example

The paper "A Young Persons Guide to the Grading System by Jerry Farber" is a perfect example of an essay on literature. This is an underground essay published in the 1960s, which tries to convince the reader that the relationship in many American rooms is similar to the master-slave relationship that people like Frantz Fanon believed characterized colonial situations. According to Farber, students are brainwashed by their teachers and have no democratic rights inside their classrooms.  Farber suggests that both teachers and students are corrupted and deadened by this system that enslaves both of them. What is the solution? More democracy or perhaps revolution, Farber is never exactly clear on this question. Farber especially hates the idea of grades which he feels dehumanizes people and objectifies learning. He wants to learn to be a natural non-competitive process where people are ranked against each other. Grades are bad for self-esteem plus they give too much power into the hands of one person—namely the teacher. Giving out grades simply means schools are factories to create good employees who work well and obediently and who can be measured against each other using an artificial standard. He thinks grades should be abolished.