The Power of Fortune in Human Affairs – Essay Example

The paper "The Power of Fortune in Human Affairs " is a good example of an essay on social science. The overwhelming majority of people stick to the point that Fortune and God control almost all matters in the world. They also think that people’s prudence and other qualities can’t influence them. People have no power against them. But at the same time, taking into consideration the power of the will we can agree that Fortune deals with half of our actions and leaves the other half to us. The Fortune is analogous to nature, it can be calm and peaceful or wild and ruinous. Nature can’t do people much harm if they are prepared for its “attacks”. The same is with Fortune. Her power is appreciable where there is no preparation and resistance to her. One can be a lucky man today and loser tomorrow. When a man focuses only on Fortune, he can easily fail when she varies. Feeling the end of the benefits of Fortune such as fame, reaches, success, etc. people act differently. Some of them face it with violence, some-with submission, patience, impatience, all people have their own methods. If we pay attention to two men with opposite methods, we notice that one of them reaches his aim and the other doesn’t. The results depend on the interplay between the nature of the time and men’s procedures. In order to keep fortune, people must react to changes in circumstances and times and change their methods as well. But if they walk on the same path all the time in spite of the changing conditions they will fail soon. Pope Julius II always acted rashly and that was the secret of his success. Those times demanded exactly this particular method. But if he lived in times where caution was necessary he would certainly fail.

So, the best way for us is to be in harmony with Fortune. But we should remember that Fortune is a woman, who likes courageous, commanding and active people.