Stuffed And Starved Initial Reading – Essay Example

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The paper "Stuffed And Starved Initial Reading" is a wonderful example of an essay on English. Supermarkets are always designed to meet the demand of their clients. Most of the products put on the shelves are attractive and always work on someone’ s mental distinction of what is good and bad. It means that the design of most supermarkets ensures that one purchases the commodities on display. This always leads to impulse buying among the people. People are always inclined towards buying foods that seem extremely attractive and what other people are consuming.

Most of these are the fast foods that are always put at the entrance of the supermarkets. The entrances of many supermarkets are always well designed with different decorations. The fridges always have commodities that are attractive to the eyes. Fruits are always hidden at the bottom of the fridge. The ice creams are always placed next to the entrance, making it easy for people to identify them. Children are always lured into purchasing most of the junk meals because they are enticing. Their parents cannot resist the temptation, and they give in to the calls by their children.

There are many social consequences that arise from the way the supermarkets are designed, in line with Patel’ s postulations. It also lies with one’ s environment. The environment always influences the behaviors and consumption habits by society. This is because most people are influenced by their peers to purchase given commodities. Moving into the supermarkets with people who are into chocolates will definitely prompt the non-consumer to fit buy the products in order to fit into the society. People who consume junk food may not be doing it in respect to their own desires.

They are influenced by their folks and also how the supermarkets advertise their products. The supermarkets may also offer discounts on products that are not healthy, in a bid to sell them off. These products include margarine and soft drinks, which always lead to health problems. It is necessary that consumers work on their health concerns, rather than the desires of their environments.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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