Summarising and Paraphrasing – Essay Example

The paper "Summarising and Paraphrasing" is an outstanding example of an English essay. Original Grenada’s contribution to the wealth of developed market economies has been massive, especially in consideration of the period 1647 to 1979 as a whole….The continued export of wealth will make Grenada less and less capable of providing adequate health-care, more and better education for the population, more employment for the unemployed, higher incomes and improved standards of living for the working class and better social services in general for the people. From 1647 to 1979, Grenada has been exporting a huge amount of its wealth to developed countries. According to Brizan, if this wealth drain were to go on, the country would find it more and more difficult to provide necessary healthcare facilities, education, job opportunities, or social services. Citizens belonging to the "working class" would not be able to earn more or improve their living standards. Brizan suggests that Grenada’s ongoing wealth drain to developed nations will have a negative impact on healthcare facilities, education and job opportunities, available to the citizens as well as incomes and living standards of its "working class". The crackup known as divorce is so commonplace nowadays that many people profess to regard it as no more serious than the common cold. Instead of being treated as an emotional disaster, it is viewed as some sort of liberation, freeing both husband and wife to seek new partners and new disasters. Even the children are now said to prefer divorce to a “bad marriage.” I myself have never seen much evidence to support these indulgent views. Most of the divorced people I know have not fared much better with their second wives (or husbands) than with their first, and in almost every case the children have bitterly and helplessly resented the breakup. Friedrich, O. (1975). Going crazy: an inquiry into madness in our time. New York: Simon and Schuster. Today, divorce is so common that there are many who claim it is trivial. For such people, divorce sets them free to find new spouses. There are claims that children support this trend too. According to Friedrich, these claims are not true. Acquaintances who have divorced and remarried are not happy with their new spouses. Children of these broken homes feel bitter about their parents’ split. (Friedrich) Friedrich questions the validity of claims of divorce as trivial and cathartic and says that many acquaintances who have divorced are not happy with their new spouses while their children feel bitter about the split. (Friedrich)