College Students World View – Essay Example

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The paper "College Students’ World View" is an exceptional example of an educational essay. With the passage of time, young ones proceed to higher levels throughout their lives, whereby they step into teenage years and then finally make their mark in the college life, which is one step behind their professional life. This college life is something unique and strange for them as they undergo a number of changes in their own personalities as well as the surroundings that they live in. College students, by this age, have learned to understand the value of education for their own betterment and they realize that now is the time their best skills and abilities would eventually land them in a big position (job) in the coming times.

A number of different college fellows and mates hail from quite varied backgrounds and thus it is sure to leave a lasting impression on the minds of the young ones with respect to the differing environments in which each one of these lives and spends his life. They interact with people at different levels in contrasting manners and it would not be wrong to suggest that the potential classmates within this whole scenario might just have a problem living up to the somewhat different and changing circumstances.

It is also possible that they might end up losing their own identity in the whole process as well as distort the view that they have of the world for that matter. A new college student must always put all his efforts towards understanding really what there is in the world for him to offer and not just education and training that usually goes along hand in hand with the whole scenario.

Education must prevail as the first and foremost thing in his mind that has to be attained and should never be, in any case, regarded as somewhat secondary. But it is the changing times that usually attract the classmates more than anything else where they encounter so many different people and their own classmates who speak various languages, dress up in a much more informal manner that can be quite unheard of in the present scheme of things and interact and communicate with different people in a way which can only be remarked as being confusing for them to understand, let alone the ones who will be the potential classmates and study in the same environment.

(Spolsky, 2005) The student must do justice to his parents’ hard-earned money. Some advice can be given to a new college entrant apart from making studies as his first priority. These might include co-operating with other students at all times so as to have a friendly rapport with all concerned and not to forget the teachers who must be obeyed under all circumstances but not be given the extra attention, which has been in the students of today.

This is a classic case of being more loyal than the king himself, where the student runs after the teacher so as to win undue or extra favors. This must not be the norm of a good student at the college level and he must do away with the same if he has been doing it in his school years.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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