Is Standards Based Web Programming Overrated – Essay Example

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The paper "Is Standards-Based Web Programming Overrated" is a perfect example of an essay on information technology. Web standards are formulated by W3C due to the fact of providing ease of browsing to the viewer by enabling the websites to follow Web standards. The coding standards involved to follow W3C standards are debated to be overrated or not. However, it is because of coding standards that coding variations are provided, formatting has become easy in a standardized manner and junior programmers and fellow programmers are encouraged to go for Web programming.

Keeping the comfort of developers prior, Code reviews are replaced by coding standards that provide a broader way of development such as the provision of a forum to discuss suggestions of coding. Quite often a company needs to manage more than one site, this includes intranet and extranet. Companies managing different sites require their site to be based on some standards that are applicable to all. It contains all the company policies and what their clients want to see. In a large organization, there are hundreds of sites if not thousands.

The complexity increases with the growth of the web development team. This complexity is present in different areas which include the interaction of the teams, communication strategies and project administration (Gery, 2014). Most of the teams agree to work together on standards-based web programming because they believe that they are capable of doing it based on their positive attributes. There are many benefits of standards-based web programming. These standards encourage more valued programming habits. If some problem occurs, these standards can help overcome the problems that are known for examples issues relating to memory (Anon, 2014a).

Standards-based web programming can also help juniors in their work. It provides a clear direction to them and guides them in performing their work much more efficiently. Moreover, the work that is done through standards-based web programming is more legible (Gery, 2014). Since the programmers have a sense of what has been asked of them, the end result is highly efficient. Although there are many benefits and reasons for using standards-based web programming, there are many downsides of it as well which makes it less desirable.

Because of these standards, quite a few members lose confidence in their abilities. They believe that the higher-ups do not believe in their capabilities and become demotivated (Gery, 2014). Furthermore, these standards discourage creativity, everything goes systematically. Only through an open and unhindered mind can a person think out of the box and these standards do not allow them to do so. Stress is also created among the team members of web programming as they don’ t always agree with each other. The end result of these arguments is negativity and debates that are not productive in any way (Whiston, 2014).

Not only that, but the rules increase the complexity of the task and make it difficult for web programming to be done. The implementation of the rules devalues the purpose of web programming. Sometimes a problem occurs to which the solution is not present. At that time the standards are of no help (Anon, 2014b). Web programming standards also deviates the members from the goal of functionality in a manner that is timely.

Time is consumed in enforcing the right procedure there productivity is lost. If something happens, the whole company is responsible for it. There are other methods by which web programming becomes more proficient. The standards put a stop to all the creativity resulting in less proficiency. If people think that standards are beneficial and always lead to productivity, it isn’ t so. Although these standards guide and provide a direction they don’ t guarantee efficiency and creativity.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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