South Asia Region – Essay Example

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The paper "South Asia Region" is an outstanding example of an essay on geography. Just like other regions discussed in the book, South Asia opened my eyes into a new world which is very much different from the world I am familiar with. Noting that the region houses 1.124 billion people and Indian middle class represents the entire population of the United States, I am quite amazed. Yes, I do believe that a country’ s importance in the world economy often hinges in the number of people living within its boundaries. For India, its huge population is making it a target by the business organization from developed countries seeking newer markets.

The number of workforce present in the country which can be paid at a lower rate attracts business process outsourcers to locate in India. These developments also highlight the country’ s investment in education as it is able to produce a wide pool of skilled workforce who are able to carry out processes for developed nations more efficiently. However, amidst all these, India still lags behind in terms of economic development. The only consolation is that the country is currently considered as a good place for investment because of the fast economic growth which is comparable to China and South American countries.

Taj Mahal will always be attributed to the region and it is actually symbolic of love from the emperor to his favorite wife. However, I believe that in order to truly appreciate this landmark, it is important to learn why it is built instead of merely recognizing its symmetrical structure. Among the things that I loved in the discussion are the different religions in the region which have a great influence on the life and social structure of the region.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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