Son Jara: Manding People Epic – Essay Example

The paper "Son Jara: Manding People Epic" is an outstanding example of a literature essay.
Son Jara is the nationalized Manding people’s epic. Excluding the events re-created within the epic, the actual facts are unknown of Son-Jara’s life. He has now been changed into a legend and mythical figure in the tradition. It narrates the tale of his birth, ancestry, and efforts with his stepbrother and invasion of Susa Mountain Sumamura, a witch-doctor and pagan. On the contrary, Son-Jara was a born Muslim and integrated the traditional beliefs of Africa as well as Islam (“The Norton Anthology of World Literature” 325).
Surprising Part
The most surprising part of this epic is the role of women; represented as a death mask. A thorough view reveals tear-tracks on the mask running down showing the inequality in the rights of women in this culture. Despite that women utilized their powers like mental capabilities, sexual powers or magic to acquire their objectives. The quest of Son-Jara involves many women from his mother to his sister all provided him the support required to defeat Sumamura. Without the assistance of these women, Son-Jara would have failed in this expedition. Although the women are neither antagonist nor protagonists of this epic their significance is emphasized.
Son-Jara Parallel to Iliad
Son-Jara is amusingly parallel to the contribution of Homer. Homer, in the Iliad, demonstrates that a categorical devotion to seeking power and violence is both catastrophic and self-defeating. The Iliad’s world ends along with the destruction of Troy to ashes. The refuges ultimately find Rome; however, the glorious heroes, Agamemnon, Odysseus, and Achilles, created nothing but destroyed everything. In Odyssey world, the civilization is once again knitted as like Son-Jara, Odyssey learns to be self-disciplined, patient and respectful and he is rescued again and again by the guidance of girls like Nausicca and Ino (Fowler 183).