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The paper “ Softwares Management and the Configuration Process” is a   thrilling variant of an essay on information technology. A system comprises of parts or components that are organized so as to accomplish certain functions or a set of these features for that matter. System configurations hence become the functional characteristics of the software, hardware, or both. Technical parts of the system should be managed through configuration management CM, where the configuration of the system at particular junctures in period is identified, and the alterations to the configuration systematically controlled the integrity and tracking of the settings in the whole life cycle of the system maintained.

Configuration Management is very critical in software engineering. The Change Management process should ensure that the methods and the procedures followed during the process of change management are standardized so as to bring to a minimum the impact of incidents related to change on the quality of the service. In so doing, improvement in the daily running of the organization is more than achievable. The team, therefore, needs to track changes and be in control so as to associate code fixes and or enhancements with problems and automate patches.

Launching of new software, for example, means that there are a lot of things that should be associated with these software and not just the joy of having achieved a great deal of launching something new. Some of the major problems that one can come into contact with after the software has been rolled out include bugs and changes to the software. Software Configuration Management ensures that the software services, goods, and all its processes in the life cycle of the software match with their specified needs and requirements, this process of management is done by planning, acting and carrying out sets of activities that provide enough confidence of quality manufactured with the software [1].

Another important thing about CM is that it saves money because organized codes make it easy to prevent mistakes and duplications between multiple developers. Documentation of the changes in the software makes it easy to control and provide comfortable running through in case of doubts, this increases productivity especially during development and hence saving the cost of building and running the software. Tracing the problem back to its root cause is not just the biggest advantage of SCM, controlling access to the code and the changes made to this system matters too.

It enables you to propagate only what you intended the software to provide to the users. A workflow for reviewing, approving, and incorporating changes is also a big advantage of software configuration management. Configuration identification also provides for working on a software change while tracing a bug that has just occurred separately and hopefully fixing it.

However, there are challenges associated with software configuration and change management, and some of them are as below. ConstraintsChallenges and or constraints affecting SCM come from varied sources. Corporations set policies and procedures prescribing the design and the implementation of SCM processes for individual projects. Developers might also get into contracts that have provisions affecting the process of SCM. Regulatory bodies might also impose constraints when software products influence the overall product for example. Multiple IT environments that dictate that different groups of people manage servers making it difficult to track and be up to date with changes in the fast developments and production and problem recovery surroundings.

What encompasses a shift in software may not be fully captured, this makes the process of change validation tough. It also links with the problem of difficulty in viewing or identifying and analyzing the overwhelming configuration information, secluding the critical from the noncritical and making sense out of all this [8]. Adding to these challenges are organizations that mix system and software components and infrastructure from external sources, and those that are customized hence varying the knowledge and control levels.

Finally, the uses of multiple vendors located across time zones make it hard to carry out the process of change. Here there exist practice and communication gaps among the individuals involved in actualizing the change process [10].


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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