The Practice of Polygamy – Essay Example

The paper "The Practice of Polygamy " is an outstanding example of a sociology essay. The practice of polygamy was quite widely spread among the American Protestants even after the XIXth century when they were acknowledged out of the law. However this practice is still topical: e.g. in Texas, there have been investigations of the activity of FLDS – Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This Church was created in 1835 by the former members of the Mormon Church who were not happy because this religious organization discarded polygamy from its practice. Before that, polygamy was considered one of the basic rules of the Mormon doctrine, and a necessary component of salvation. (FLDS Polygamy Angelic Origins 2009, np) It was considered by the Mormons that a man needs at least three wives so that to be saved, and women were bound to obey to their husbands and to respect him them. The mainstream Mormon Church does not practice polygamy ever since 1890. (Mormon Polygamy, np) The website of the Mormon community provides links to the Church’s basic doctrines, and one of its basic values is family, and they have a lot of resources on their website defending the concept of the family and its implementations. From the content of the website I would say that at least part of their mission is to promote family values and family as a concept – this is obviously a sacred thing for the Mormon community. Hence the family relationships seem to be very important for them. The FLDS is one of the most active groups that demand to review the USA law forbidding polygamy. They claim that polygamy is natural and favored by God, and to prove this Mormons cite the Bible finding there the examples of polygamists – Abraham with his three wives, Moses with his two wives, Solomon with his seven hundred wives, etc. (Ross 1996 – 2008, np)