National Health Insurance in the United States – Essay Example

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The paper "National Health Insurance in the United States" is an outstanding example of an essay on sociology. The United s is the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee health care to all of its citizens. Why not? United s is the only developed country in the world that does not provide universal health care to all its citizens, in the sense, it does not guarantee access to health care as a right of citizenship. This is because of the myth that Universal health care would be too expensive.

However, this is not true because studies have shown that Universal health care costs would definitely be lower than the current system of health care due to lower administrative costs. The country actually spends at least 50- 100% more on administration than single payer systems (Battista and McCabe, 1999). Another myth that is preventing universal health care system in the country is that there would be a deprivation of the citizens of needed services. Again, this myth has been disproved by various studies. Actually, citizens in universal health care systems have a number of visits to doctors and more stay in the hospital (Battista and McCabe, 1999).

Also, 30% of Americans have difficulty in accessing health care and 17% are without health insurance (Battista and McCabe, 1999). In fact, difficulties in health care access are greater in the US than in Canada. Another important aspect is that access to health care is difficult for minorities and poor due to the current system of health care. Another reason why Universal health care is not a norm in the US is that it has been thought that control and intrusion of government into health care can result in the loss of freedom of choice.

This is not true, because under the universal health care system there would be more choice of health care providers, unlike the current system where people are forced to meet doctors on the insurer's panel. Also, universal health care will allow consumers and providers to have a voice in determining benefits, taxes, and rates. The last and the most important myth that is preventing universal health care is the fact that this system of medicine is socialized medicine and hence is not acceptable to all.

Again, even this fact has been disproved by studies. The truth is that single-payer universal system of medicine will be welcomed by one and all in the country (Battista and McCabe, 1999).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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