The Process of Mate Selection – Essay Example

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The paper "The Process of Mate Selection" is an outstanding example of an essay on sociology. I will analyze the mate selection process I have seen when my friend chose her life partner. My friend who was 22 years old had decided to get married and hence had to choose a mate to get enlocked with. In one of the parties we attended to, she met a young and handsome man who was 25 years old. Meeting and talking to him was easy because both of them had common friends.

Their first meeting lasted for about 15 minutes and after the party, my friend mentioned that she liked the young man and was impressed with him. This phase is known as propinquity wherein there is physical attraction. Within a week, both of them were spotted in and out of restaurants and parks and were taking through phones several hours a day. This is the phase of infatuation (Mathews, 2006). When I questioned my friend if she had marriage interests in the young lad, she said that she was considering marrying him because he was handsome and well-off and belonged to the same community as hers (endogamy).

Also, through the meetings during the week, she noticed that he belonged to similar socio-economic and cultural status as hers (homogamy). After a couple of weeks my friend proposed to the young man and both of them claimed to each other that they were in love (phase of dating). A week later, I was informed that both of them had decided upon marriage (phase of commitment). 2 months later, they were married to each other and then hosted a big party (phase of an official show of commitment).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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