Anticipatory Socialization – Essay Example

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The paper "Anticipatory Socialization" is an exceptional example of an essay on sociology. Prior to starting college, I went through a socialization process in order to gain insight into what I was going to experience in the future as college alumni. One person that helped me the most was my high school counselor. She helped select the college and provide me advice on what I was supposed to expect. She told that in college the professor would not act like my high school teacher who was constantly on the top of my to make sure I did my assignments.

It was all up to me if I wanted to gain the most out my educational experience. One could get lost among the thousands of other students that would be attending campus at the same time. As far as the advice I receive about the importance of having good study habits these things did not apply to me so much because I have always been a very dedicated student. What I learned once I reached college is that the professor can provide personal assistance, but this must be done outside the classroom during office hours.

As I started college I wished I had received better counseling and advice concerning the different programs that are available for students. As I started college I learned that there is help available free of charge for students such as group tutoring for tough courses such as math classes. I wished I had been better informed about the process of enrolling for semester classes. I did not realize that students create their own classroom schedules and courses and while one must be aware of the classes match the bachelor program one is enrolled too.

A friend of mine enrolled in a couple of courses to then find out this course would not be credited towards the program of study he had chosen.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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