Drug Usage in the Past and Its Effects in the Present Time – Essay Example

The paper "Drug Usage in the Past and Its Effects in the Present Time" is a great example of an essay on sociology.
Prescription drugs are a class of medicines that can be dispensed only by trained and professional medical practitioners. Licensed medicines are regulated by legislation very strictly and require a doctor’s prescription to be procured. Earlier, the rules and regulations were strictly followed and there was an efficient system in place to monitor any deviation from the expected quantity of the number of drugs prescribed by the medical supervisors. Only the adults' used drugs and older people who had health problems whose needs could be addressed and requirements met only by using these legalized drugs. However, in recent times, there is absolutely no supervision and many prescription drugs have almost become as easily available as over-the-counter type. ‘Drug usage’ in the past has now retrogressively metamorphosed itself into ‘Drug abuse’ and ‘Drug addiction.’ Teenagers have started popping in pills every time they feel low or depressed. ‘A combination of analysis, research and practical implications for several different academic disciplines need to be discussed.’ (Miller p 9). These drugs have a numbing effect and make humans forget the harsh realities and problems of life for a very short span of time. Kids as young as 12 are also reportedly becoming drug addicts and the reason could vary from boredom to escapism from possible emotional and physical suffering. Drug dependency is on the rise today. Peer pressure is another contributing factor because it is considered to be ‘cool’ if seen smoking a joint or attending a party where ‘ecstasy’ tablets are readily distributed. There is absolutely no psychological assessment done to address an individual’s specific problems in today’s world and it is ironic that this was the main reason these drugs were manufactured and distributed in the first place.